About us

BandWerk is not a luxury brand.

The word luxury comes from Latin and means something like "abundance" or "profusion". Essentially, a luxury product lives from its emotional value, quality is often of secondary importance.

When we founded BandWerk in 2015, our approach was different. Since we launched our first four Apple Watch straps, we have followed three core principles: high-quality materials, elaborate craftsmanship and that at a fair price.

This means:

The main sources of our leather are tanneries from Italy and the USA, where we purchase Cordovan Shells from the world-famous Horween-Tannery for example. When selecting the tanneries, we pay attention to gentle, vegetable tanning and the ecological conditions.

The processing takes place in Germany and Italy, where a lot of fine-bag-making skill turns a piece of raw leather into a unique leather accessory.

To make all of this possible, our products are not cheap, but the prices are real: BandWerk does not offer any special offers or discounts. This also means you don't have to worry that you might find a product you just purchased for half the price the next day. (More on this)

What's next?

My co-founder Jonas, our team and I will continue to work on great products for the Apple Watch, iPhone and Co. We will never lose sight of our core values, that were the cornerstones for the development of our first straps in 2015.
I am sure that this trip will have many exciting stops in store and I'd be happy to share it with you.

- Vincent (co-founder of BandWerk)